Chair: Dr. Martin Van Kranendonk
Geological Survey of Western Australia
Mineral House, 100 Plain Street
East Perth, Western Australia 6004, Australia
Tel: +61-8-9222-3631, fax: +61-8-9222-3633

Vice-Chair: Dr. Wouter Bleeker
Geological Survey of Canada
601 Booth Street
Ottwawa, Ontario, Canada K1A 0E8
Tel: +1-613-995-7277, fax: +1-613-995-9273

Secretary: Dr. Robert Rainbird
Geological Survey of Canada
601 Booth Street
Ottwawa, Ontario, Canada K1A 0E8
Tel: +1-613-943-2212, fax: +1-613-995-9273

Voting and Corresponding (c) Members

David Nelson, Curtin University of Technology,
Allen Nutman, Beijing SHRIMP centre,
Graham Shields, University College London,
Ian Tyler, Geological Survey of Western Australia,

Reinhardt Fuck, Universidade de Brasília,
Benjamim Bley Brito Neves, Institute of Geosciences, University of Sao Paulo,

Sadrack Félix Toteu, Centre for Geological and Mining Research,

Donald W. Davis, University of Toronto,
Mike Hamilton (c), University of Toronto,
Sandra Kamo (c), University of Toronto,
Guy Narbonne, Queen’s University,

Huaikun Li, Chinese Geological Survey,
Songnian Lu, Chinese Geological Survey,
Yusheng Wan, Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences,
Huichu Wang, Chinese Geological Survey,

Petri Peltonen, Geological Survey of Finland,

Alfred Kröner, University of Mainz,

Andrei Khudoley, St. Petersburg State University,

Martin Whitehouse, Swedish Museum of Natural History,

United Kingdom:
Stephen Moorbath, Oxford University, United Kingdom,
Euan Nisbet, Royal Holloway University of London,

United States of America:
Andrey Bekker, University of Manitoba,
David Evans, Yale University,
Don Lowe (c), Stanford University,
Stephen J. Mojzsis, University of Colorado,

The new Subcommission is actively seeking voting (ca. 20 to 30) and corresponding (unlimited) members of high scientific standing, representing a broad range of expertise, and with regional knowledge of Precambrian exposure areas around the world. If you are interested to join the new Subcommission or would like to recommend a colleague, please contact the Subcommission chair (